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Backup Exec 15 Error "V-79-10000-11230 - VSS Snapshot error"
Our most common and irritating error that we have been searching for a resolution for since Backup Exec 2010 days...

V-79-10000-11230 - VSS Snapshot error. Unable to get minimum quiet time for physical volumes. Reduce the activity on these volumes, or wait and run the backup when there is less activity on the volumes.

We encounter this error more often than not on SBS and Exchange Servers.

We encounter this error more often than not on SBS and Exchange Servers when GRT is enabled on System State and/or Exchange.

Disabling GRT usually clears the issue but that defeats the whole object of having a Backup Program that can do Granular Backups and Restores (the backup and restore of individual Email items and/or User Accounts without having to restore the entire repository/database and using elaborate tools to extract what you need).

This is caused by flaky Windows VSS Writers on the remote Server.
To check the health of the VSS Writers on the Exchange Server, open a command prompt and run "vssadmin list writers".
You will no doubt see a failure like this:

Writer name: 'Microsoft Exchange Writer'
  Writer Id: {76fe1ac4-15f7-4bcd-987e-8e1acb462fb7}
  Writer Instance Id: {2d6775e4-5654-472b-bbd7-e4cb1c3ec87b}
  State: [9] Failed
  Last error: Timed out


Typically, a re-boot of the Server clears the writers but only temporarily (maybe for a day or two).

This seems to be a complex Microsoft issue with VSS (required for GRT).

Some believe what the error is telling them (unable to get quiet disk time due to a busy disk system) but this is not usually the case (but can’t be ruled out).

In some rare cases we have fixed the issue by moving the Exchange Maintenance Schedule so it does not overlap the backup window – this reduces the possibility that it may actually be a “disk activity” issue.

We are still battling with this error at some sites and, no doubt, we will start engaging in complex VSS fix suggestions all over Google – will post an update that “makes sense” to someone who doesn’t want to spend years trying to get down-time and ripping things apart.

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