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Server 2019 Unplanned Shutdown Event at every Reboot
After initial Server "unplanned" Shutdown (BSOD/Crash, hang or power failure), Windows creates Registry flags which are used to prompt the User/Users after a reboot for reason of unplanned reboot.

In a normal situation, after the User acknowledges the prompt, those Registry flags are removed/reset.
In many situations the Registry flags are not removed/reset even after acknowledging the prompt which leads Windows to perpetually prompt after every clean reboot.
Some say that that recent Security Updates are to blame and some with a focus on .NET.

The actual cause is insufficient Permissions on the Registry keys that are flagged - only Local Administrator has the Permission to successfully acknowledge the Prompt to clear the Registry flags.

You need to provide the correct Permissions to the Registry Key: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Reliability
In this case, we have given Domain Administrator's Full Control of this Key (not just Local Administrator). As this Server is also an RDS (Terminal) Server, we have given Domain Users Full Control too but that is your personal choice and may not be desirable if only you, the Domain Administrator, want to acknowledge/see this Prompt.


To manually clear the Registry Flags remove (delete) the Registry Values DirtyShutdown, LastAliveStamp, TimeStampInterval under the above Registry Key (or reboot the Server and acknowledge the Prompt again)

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