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MRT and RCT Files with Hyper-V Backups
If you're backing up Hyper-V with Server 2016/2019 you will notice additional files created with extensions of MRT and RCT.
These files are created by new features of Hyper-V introduced in Server 2016/2019 called "Resilient Change Tracking".


The "Resilient Change Tracking" feature is manipulated during the backup of Virtual Machines in which these additional files can aid in recovery of VMs - personally, I don't understand the mechanics involved so I will leave that research up to you.

While not every environment is a clustered one, there have been questions relating to the simple copying of VMs from one Hyper-V Host to another while these files are present.
In our test lab we found that Data was consistent when copying with or without these MRT or RCT Files present.
We found that, if the MRT and RCT Files were copied alongside the VHDX File, the files would become realised and active (not orphaned) and life continued as usual.
If we didn't  copy the MRT or RCT Files there was no Data loss and life continued as usual.

So, if you are here looking for reasoning over what effect these files have on Data integrity during a move/copy, rest assured that there is no Data Loss if you are accustomed to manually copying Virtual Machine Files from one host to another.

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