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Reolink 2Mp Cameras & DVR
This CCTV system is a step above the cheap Chinese ones that I have been using over the past 15-years. Cost has always been a factor in my decisions (isn’t that the same with everyone?).

The initial installation did not go as planned.
Initial setup was positive as we used 0.5M Network Patch Cables to each Camera to test before replacing existing Cameras.
It was a simple plan: to remove the existing PoE Cameras and DVR and replace them with the Reolink Cameras and DVR.
This plan soon turned to custard after days of trying to figure out why none of the 6 Cameras would connect but the old ones would continue to work OK.
It turned out that these new Reolink Cameras demand CAT6 Cabling – all would work OK with CAT5 as long as the cable runs were not longer than 5M.

So, mission accomplished; replaced all CAT5 cabling with CAT6 (400M in total) and all Cameras working as expected.

I’ve been running CCT since day zero but always limited to the cost-factor and ending up with cheap Chinee crap – forever upgrading hoping that things would get better but never did.

I had two simple demands.
1) be able to identify number plates and
2) provide Video evidence to the police without stuffing around.
My biggest peeve was always having to apologise to the Police that it took so long to firstly download the footage and then convert the Video from some weird and bizarre CRAP Video Format to something they could actually use without losing quality.
The Reolink system “partially” solved these issues as I will explain here:
Downloading Video footage directly to MP4 file format is a saviour (no more of that crap H264 to deal with)!
No more having to dick-around with third-party programs to convert while loosing quality.
The downloading of Video takes a long time and not what I expected from a brand with high score marks but still quicker than having to dick-around by converting H264 crap afterwards.
The Video Quality (compared to my previous 1024--resolution HD H264) is not that amazing and I was disappointed in that number plates were still not decipherable when they should be.

What pissed me off was:
1) Reolink 5Mp Cameras came on to the market (Amazon) two weeks after I received my 2Mp Cameras AT THE SAME PRICE!
2) That the Reolink Cameras you purchase are dedicated to their own DVR – meaning you cant use the Reolink Cameras on a non-Reolink DVR – or even use Reolink 4Mp Cameras on a Reolink 2Mp DVR!
3) The CPU usage is mostly maxed out (using 6 of the 8 supported cameras) - seriously underpowered CPU.
4) Response at switching quickly to the Software (Reolink Client) to check on something is sluggish and if left for more than 30-minutes or so shows all feeds as blank (white) screens until one is double-clicked to bring into the foreground. I suppose this would not affect some users who have the Software open all the time on a dedicated monitor but, for me, by the time you have messed around you have missed the live action.

Edit: Tried downloading footage today for an incident. The Software (Reolink Client) kept crashing after the first few video clips. It took multiple attempts to download one or two clips at a time.

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