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Yeastar S-Series Linkus with DrayTek Routers
How to setup Linkus with DrayTek Routers.

1) Create Port Redirection Rules as follows:
- Public Port UDP 9850 to Private Port 8111 and to the IP of the PBX
- Public Port UDP 6023 to Private Port 5060 and to the IP of the PBX


2) Create an Open Port Rule
- UDP Start 40000 - End 42000 to Private IP of PBX
- UDP Start 10000 - End 12000 to Private IP of PBX


3) If you haven't already, install the Linkus App on the PBX and configure it for the Ports you defined above like this:


4) On the PBX, go to Settings, General, SIP then NAT and configure the settings as follows:


5) Enable the required Extensions for Linkus and click on "Send Email" to send a link to the Users to install the App.


Some Yeastar FAQs and Documentation suggest enabling the PBX Firewall which is always a good idea.
However, we have encountered no-audio issues at some multi-site locations which we never figured out when the Firewall was enabled.
At these sites it's always important to ensure your perimeter Router/Firewall is hardened and that your UDP Port 5060 is exposed only to your SIP/VOIP Provider's IP.

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