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Unable to start the Exchange Transport Service after removal of Trend MSA/SMEX
The Exchange Transport Service will not start (or start then stop) after removing/uninstalling the Trend Messaging Security Agent (MSA/SMEX) from the Exchange Server.

Trend MSA (SMEX) installs a "hook" on the Exchange Transport mechanism which intercepts inbound Email for analysis.
When Trend MSA is uninstalled, the "hook" remains in place which either prevents the Exchange Transport Role from accepting inbound messages or preventing the Exchange Transport Service from starting.

The MSA "hook" needs to be manually removed with Exchange Management Shell.
To identify/verify if the "hook" is active run this Exchange PowerShell command:


If this "hook" is active it will show as follows:


To remove the MSA "hooks" run the following Exchange Management Shell commands and choose [A] to remove after each:

Uninstall-TransportAgent -Identity "ScanMail Routing Agent"
Uninstall-TransportAgent -Identity "ScanMail SMTP Receive Agent"


You should now be able to successfully start the Exchange Transport Service.

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