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NCH SoundTap Audio Problems - Crackle and Popping
SoundTap (by NCH Software) Audio Problems - Crackle and Popping

I purchased SoundTap 5.05 and had endless audio quality problems on the recorded file's playback.
Random popping and crackling and sometimes skipping (like a dirty audio CD).

I noted through Google searches that I was not alone and this seemed to be a widespread and uncurbable problem.

I spend days trying all sorts of recommendations like using MP3 instead of WAV and drastically dropping the Audio Level Input - none of these helped in the slightest.

 Someone mentioned that disabling Apple stuff (services) cured their problem - I don't use Apple stuff (and never will) so that wasn't my issue but it did lead me to believe that "something" outside SoundTap was responsible for Audio corruption.

So, off I went on a mission...
I closed every single App on my Windows 10 Pro PC and was pleasantly surprised that my problem was resolved.
I then began a methodical process of opening each of my frequently (always running) programs - IE: Outlook, Accounting Program, Excel Spreadsheets, Virtual Hyper-V Machines etc.

It turned out that "my" culprit was the Security Camera's DVR which I always have open in Internet Explorer (IE)!
More so, the ActiveX control that the DRV requires for IE.

I found that to be too disturbing to be true but I was able to solidly confirm it.
Even though the content I was recording was streamed with Edge, having IE open with that ActiveX plugin totally destroyed the audio quality. 

Hope this helps some folk out there or at least points them in the right direction...

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