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Zebra / Symbol Barcode Scanner Factory Reset
I have to share this with you as it is so “typical” of Zebra support.

I accidentally chose the wrong interface type when setting up a Symbol Barcode Scanner today.
The PC recognises the scanner when it is connected but the laser no longer scans.

For those who don’t know, all features/programing is done via scanning some barcodes from the user manual.

Now you would think that a “factory reset” would be simple – yeh right…

Referring to all Zebra support information, to perform a factory reset, I must scan a particular barcode in the manual!

For those who are switched-on no further explanation needed.

Hoping someone with awesome brains out there can tell me how to “unbrick” this barcode scanner (Model LS-2208)…
I'll answer my own post shall I (seen I am ahead of everyone else Smile) ?

When I unplugged the scanner and plugged it back in I noticed that only SOMETIMES the laser would kick in for about two seconds.

I could not duplicate the problem on the PC that was being used so I connected it to another PC and observed that it DID actually activate the laser for a couple of seconds.

I then got the correct barcode from the manual and kept the scanner hovering over the barcode while I plugged it in – VOILA!

Problem solved…
Nothing on the Internet regarding this so I remain supreme!

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