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Full Version: Microsoft OneDrive - Poor Transfer Performance
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Setup a OneDrive Storage Account for the first time this week for a customer.
Purchased ClouBerry Software and configured nightly Backups to OneDrive.
First tested the Backup to our FTP Server and transfers were measured at around 0.50Mbps (the full Upload limit of their ADSL connection).

The initial Backup (the first "full" one) is the largest (around 40GB) - it was expected that the first Backup would take quite some time over ADSL.
However, 3-days into starting the first "full" Backup, it is still running and has only transferred around 3.2GB (an average of around 1GB a day).
The transfer rate is around 0.06bps - no wonder!
Before you ask all sorts of dumb questions like "has the data plan being exceed and throttled back?", "is there other major Internet traffic happening somewhere else on the Network?", "is the PC going to sleep?" - answers are all "no".

I spent 4-hours today trying to contact a knowledgeable Microsoft support tech but, as usual, was given the full circle-run-around - reaching wrong departments (mostly Office365 - yuk!).
I have given up on this issue and had in mind that maybe the OneDrive Account is somewhere outside of our country and thus the cause of the shocking performance.

Anyone had a similar issue with OneDrive?
Nearest datacenter to us is Australia. 'nuff said