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Full Version: Set Regional Date/Time Settings for all Users on Server 2008 / 2012
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We recently needed to set the Regional Time Format on a Domain Joined Remote Desktop Server (RDS), particularly the a.m / p.m to military time AM / PM.
After users set their Time Format to the format above, the settings would revert back to Windows Default (a.m / p.m).

Resolve this issue by creating a Group Policy on the Domain Controller as follows.

1) Open the Domain Group Policy Management Editor and create a new Group Policy Object (for this example we used “Regional Settings” as the name) and Edit it.
2) Expand User Configuration, Preferences and Control Panel
3) Right-click Regional Options, click on New and then Regional Options
4) Customise your Regional Settings as required and press F6 at each changed field to make it stick – you’ll see the field underline change from dotted-red to a green line.
5) Apply the settings and Link it to your Domain (right-click your Domain and select “Link an existing GPO…” and select the Object you created (IE: “Regional Settings”)


Open a command prompt on the Domain Controller Server and the RDS Server and run “gpupdate” to force immediate Policy propagation and get your Users to log off then back on again.