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Full Version: CRT Superstar 6900N - BUSY on Channel 9
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I have been flicking through all the features of my new CRT Superstar 6900N and stumbled upon a serious issue affecting Emergency Calling on Channel 9!

Just when I thought I had all the features of this radio understood I stumbled upon (by pure accident) that I had the inability to make an Emergency Call on Channel 9 (27.065MHz).
The rig beeps loudly and displays BUSY

What if this is a REAL Emergency - what then?!

After much knob-twitching I figured out that the Squelch MUST be enabled BEFORE you can transmit - WTF is up with that!

Anyone know what the secret is to making an Emergency Call on Channel 9 is in case I am incapacitated and cannot instruct the rig user?