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Windows 10
One golden rule of a "Professional IT" Guy is:
NEVER Upgrade ALWAYS install from fresh.

Upgrading an OS brings with it major complexities, complications and breakages.
If you had one small issue with your OS prior to upgrading then, no doubt, your issue would probably escalate into a variety of complex ones that could render you life with Windows 10 useless.

Here is a recent question from a customer today (we get these daily):
We upgraded our computer to Windows 10, everything worked ok for a while.
We shut everything down when we were on holiday and find now that heaps of the programs we used are now uninstalled, including our emails, Kaspersky antivirus and Accredo to name a few. What can you suggest we do?

When things go wrong with a Windows 10 Upgrade - they go horribly wrong.
If you have ever tried to reverse the installation then you will know what I am talking about.

Microsoft did us "IT Guys" a favour by offering all its customers a "free" upgrade to Windows 10 - we are making loads of money.
As long as end-users are "click happy" we will always be in business!
Are there any issues with the new Windows 10 creators edition?

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