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FC-7688 Alarm Not Keeping Date/Time
I have an FC-7688 Alarm that does not keep the programmed Date/Time and, after a few seconds, reverts back to default Date/Time after being programmed either via the Web Interface or the Control Panel.

The Date/Time is set and Saved as follows:

After a few seconds the Date/Time reverts back to factory default:

The correct Date/Time is displayed on the Control Panel too but also (after a few seconds) reverts back to the factory default time.

I suspect that it has something to do with the GSM overriding the Date/Time (I am not using GSM or have a SIM Card installed)?

Web version is: V0.003
Hardware Version is: V0.004
Software Version is: V0.017 SIA_TCP May 5 2018 09:20:41
I have verified from the manufacturer the following:
The Alarm MUST get its Date/Time from the GSM Network.
It is not possible to enter the Date/Time manually even though the option is provided either via the Control Panel or the Web Interface.

I purchased a pre-Pay SIM Card from my preferred Provider but I could not get it working.
I eventually was advised that the Alarm only supports the old 2G GSM Network.
I managed to get a 2G SIM Card from a different Provider that will still maintains the 2G Network for the next year or two to resolve my immediate issue.

I have learnt these lessons so that you can benefit.

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