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DC Solar Panel Strings - DANGER
Today I starting installing Micro Inverters on six of my Solar Panels mounted on the garage roof.
These six Solar Panels were installed in March 2016 in a series string.


During the removal of the downlink connection (output of last Solar Panel to start of the string) the MC4 Connector disintegrated in my hand.


I was shocked at the condition but really not surprised – still, only 2.5 years producing power I was somewhat disappointed (knowing that I have another 16 Solar Panels on the house in a similar arrangement but with much higher DC voltages).
I DID notice considerable degradation of output during those years but I didn't think much of it as I was adding more strings in better orientation to the sun on the house.

This "corrosion" is typical of what happens with high voltage/current DC Current components and one reason to why your mains supply is AC and not DC.
Just take a look at the battery terminals of a car that have not been properly maintained.

AC is your friend - DC is dangerous and I am so glad that I invested on enough Micro Inverters to convert the rest of my installation.
I have learnt this lesson so that you don't have to.

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