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DrayTek - IPSEC LAN-LAN and L2TP Internal RRAS
We have multiple Customers using DrayTek DV2925 or DV2926 Routers.
These Customers have LAN-to-LAN IPSec VPN Tunnels to two of more remote locations.
We now have requirements to deploy L2TP Client Connections to an internal L2TP Remote Access (RRAS) Server (due to Apple dropping PPTP in IOS and current Windows PPTP restrictions with recent Windows 10 Updates).


Using the DrayTek Internal L2TP Service and/or using the DrayTek VPN Client is not an option in most of these cases (as administration of these connections still needs to be controlled with the user’s account in Active Directory).
We can get IPSec LAN to LAN working or L2TP working but not at the same time.

There seem to be solutions available to other manufactures Routers like Juniper, SonicWALL and Cisco but nothing on how to achieve this goal with DrayTek Routers.

Anyone in the same boat?
A proposed solution was to configure the DrayTek as the VPN Server but doing Active Directory (LDAP) Authentication to an internal Domain Controller as described here:

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