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Tingen Electric - TEG-1000G-WAL 3-Phase 1000W Wind Inverter
This is my review (so far) on the TEG-1000G-WAL 3-Phase 1000W Wind Inverter.

So far, the Inverter seems to provide everything that is needed for a Wind Inverter that supports Monitoring via WiFi.
I have not seen any other Inverter smaller than 1000W that allows remote monitoring.

My Wind Turbine is small to medium sized 750W (0-36 Volt AC) Vertical Axis Turbine (VAT) by Smart Wind.
You can read more on this here:

The first thing that I noticed when I plugged it into the mains was the constant high-pitched squeal it makes - possibly a transformer that is not properly sealed?

The Inverter's specifications are as follows (the Inverter is 3-Phase AC Input but sticker on Inverter shows DC Input):

When there is not enough input voltage from the Turbine the Inverter will show "Starting Voltage Too Low" like this:

The Specifications indicate that the "Start Voltage" (voltage for generating power back to the Grid) is 22V.
During testing, I found that the Inverter would "trigger" at 14.5V or above like this (the "Starting Voltage Too Low" warning goes away):

While I am happy that the Inverter does not complain about "Starting Voltage Too Low" above 14.5V I am unable to see any power generation through the LCD panel or the WiFi Shinemonitor website like this:

On a windy day with Turbine keeping the voltage mostly above 14.5 Volts the Shinemonitor website and the Inverter LCD says that there was no power generated back to the grid.

I do not have any other means of testing the output of the Inverter so, for this reason, I started this new post here:

So, at the moment, I do not know or have the means of testing the Inverter if it is actually good or faulty.
Ik hebt dezelfde omvormer maar moet je ergens in de omvormer wat veranderen
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HiYa Heinrich
Sorry it took so long to reply.
The Inverter is not configurable and there are no settings that can be changed - so the Inverter is pretty much "out of the box" and "plug and play" - it will either work or it wont.
As I mentioned in my post, the Inverter needs a steady >22 Volts before it will feed back any power - above 14.5 Volts the warning "Starting Voltage Too Low" goes away but actual output is only achieved with 22 Volts and higher.

I have since removed this Inverter because the Wind Turbine that I have does not produce enough steady voltage above 22 Volts.
Maybe if my Wind Turbine was located in a different area where there is strong and steady wind it might have worked.
I think this Inverter is best suited for larger Horizontal Axis Turbine (HAT) but with me it is not possible to install HAT because of the possible noise and unable to mount the Turbine very high.

I moved from this Inverter down to a 600W Inverter but the Wind Turbine was still not producing enough voltage. I then changed to a 300W Inverter which produces power on a windy day but still not sufficient - the "standby" current when wind is not blowing is more than the power generated over time.

Sorry Heinrich, I think this Inverter is a good one but the Wind Turbine I am using is my problem.

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