Poll: What do you use to monitor your Solar/Wind generation?
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I use the Cloud as I have no reason to doubt my system and I have only one device or manufacturer to monitor.
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I sit in the garage for many hours taking notes and compiling a spreadsheet.
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I use a third-party device that does real-time monitoring and I too hate Cloud.
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Measuring Solar/Wind Production Output
Updated: 2018-04-15

While expanding my Solar/Wind generation project, I encountered a big problem in monitoring the power output of generation devices (Solar and Wind Inverters).

I started off using a Growatt Inverter for my Solar project but then later added a Mustpower to expand the Solar.
Now I have recently added a Wind Generator which uses Shinemonitor to monitor Wind Power generated.

All these different devices from different manufactures use different Cloud services which I HATE!
I hunted high-and-low for Inverter's that could be directly and remotely monitored either via WiFi or Ethernet to local Software installed on a private Server or PC.

It seems that no such concept exists and all Inverter Manufacturers use their own Cloud-based systems.

This creates a few frustrating issues:

1) Inverters cannot be monitored in real-time and the refresh intervals (the interval at which the Inverter sends its current output the Cloud) are poor. The best refresh interval I have is 5-minutes on all Inverters.
This creates a problem when trying to analyze something like the output of the Wind Inverter which has a very erratic output (the nature of wind) and comparing instantaneously to a wind-speed meter (anemometer) - pretty much impossible.

2) The Inverters are specific to their own Cloud service which results in having to log on to three different Cloud service accounts.
For your information... I absolutely HATE Cloud services with absolute passion!

What pissed me off a while back is when I called a supplier for information on an Inverter and I was told "Our Inverters can only be monitored in the Cloud and that this is is the future and that I needed to get with the times!".
To say that I was really angry is an understatement but I managed to keep my mouth shut by hanging up the phone!

I could possibly live with Cloud if the data refresh interval was around 5-seconds - but 5-minutes!
Maybe Cloud is OK for someone who is daft and/or doesn't want to know what's happening in real-time and only wants to check the stats once a month.

I am certainly convinced that I am not the only frustrated person and the only person in the world that has this major grievance.

So, the hunt is on for the best viable solution to cure this dreaded "Cloud" disease.
I have ordered this appliance to measure the output of both Solar and Wind Inverters: https://shop.openenergymonitor.com/emonp...pv-bundle/
Looks very promising (a UK design and not cheap Chinese or expensive American).
I will, of course, create a review on this forum after installed and tested.
Watch this space....

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