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Orphaned/Lingering Hyper-V Checkpoints
We have been using Symantec Backup Exec 15 (2014) at various sites over the last year to backup Hyper-V VMs.

We love the ability to make Checkpoints (what used to be called "Snapshots" before Microsoft decided that their terminology could also be "updated") before any major change and in the event we need to quickly revert in case it turns to custard (which often does when Microsoft is involved).

Backup Exec seems to manipulate Hyper-V's check-pointing during a Hyper-V backup which leaves a seemingly "orphaned/lingering" checkpoint which can't be removed/merged as shown here:

So far, after testing in our lab, we found that Backup Exec was pretty happy in restoring the VM to it's original state together with the checkpoint.

However, the ability to remove/merge a checkpoint doesn't sit comfortably with us from a GUI perspective.
We like to remove checkpoints when no longer needed for performance and recovery reasons (what's the point when you can restore a VM but not the last checkpoint?).

While this can't be done via the GUI it CAN at least be safely removed (merged) using the following elevated (Run as Administrator) PowerShell command.

Bang out this PowerShell command to merge and save the day:
Get-VMSnapshot -ComputerName "HYPERVHOSTNAME" -VMName "VMNAME" | Remove-VMSnapshot

Remember, if you continue using products like Symantec Backup Exec that manipulate the checkpoints then this issue will re-emerge.
You need to work on a recovery plan if your Host Hyper-V Server craps itself (yet to be lab tested).
NOTE: If you still see the "lingering snapshot/checkpoints" after merging with PowerShell then this is "cosmetic" - they will disappear over time.
Alternatively, either re-start the Hyper-V Service or reboot the Physical Host to clear the view.

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