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  Adobe Reader DC Not Opening
Posted by: admin - 12-01-2018, 06:28 PM - Forum: General Discussions - No Replies

Open a PDF Document with Adobe DC Reader and nothing happens!

Look in Task Manager, Processes and you will see one Acrobat Reader instance for each time you try to open a PDF Document (try to open to open it 10 times without success will create 10 Processes). Only when you kill all the processes are you able to open DC.

Up to now, each time this happens we remove DC and install version-old to fix the problem.

Found a described Registry Fix that "apparently" fixes the issue (by turning off Protected Mode) but it has not been fully tested.
Give it a go:

.reg   AdobeDCIssue.reg (Size: 366 bytes / Downloads: 18)

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  Set Regional Date/Time Settings for all Users on Server 2008 / 2012
Posted by: admin - 30-11-2017, 02:01 PM - Forum: General Discussions - No Replies

We recently needed to set the Regional Time Format on a Domain Joined Remote Desktop Server (RDS), particularly the a.m / p.m to military time AM / PM.
After users set their Time Format to the format above, the settings would revert back to Windows Default (a.m / p.m).

Resolve this issue by creating a Group Policy on the Domain Controller as follows.

1) Open the Domain Group Policy Management Editor and create a new Group Policy Object (for this example we used “Regional Settings” as the name) and Edit it.
2) Expand User Configuration, Preferences and Control Panel
3) Right-click Regional Options, click on New and then Regional Options
4) Customise your Regional Settings as required and press F6 at each changed field to make it stick – you’ll see the field underline change from dotted-red to a green line.
5) Apply the settings and Link it to your Domain (right-click your Domain and select “Link an existing GPO…” and select the Object you created (IE: “Regional Settings”)


Open a command prompt on the Domain Controller Server and the RDS Server and run “gpupdate” to force immediate Policy propagation and get your Users to log off then back on again.

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Posted by: admin - 02-11-2017, 02:00 PM - Forum: Wireless Networking - Replies (1)

Running UniFi Controller Version 5.5.24 with Java 8u151.

Guest Portal would show "CONTENT ENCODING ERROR" or broken URL.

Downgraded Java 8u151 to 8u131 on the UniFi Controller computer to resolve the issue.

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  UniFi Controller AP Adoption
Posted by: admin - 02-11-2017, 10:48 AM - Forum: Wireless Networking - No Replies

Most adoption issues are resolved by implementing the following mandatory requirements:

1) On the UniFi Controller (computer that the UniFi Controller Software is installed), make sure that TCP Port 22 (for SSH adoption) and TCP Port 8080 (for transform adoption) is open.

2) Make sure that your Access Points can resolve the DNS name "unifi" - "unifi" DNS entry must point to the UniFi Controller computer above.

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  Yeastar MYPBX Series Auto-Reboot
Posted by: admin - 26-10-2017, 04:20 PM - Forum: Asterisk - No Replies

Can be done using a simple batch file.
Download "plink.exe" (part of the Putty binaries).

Make yourself a batch file in the same folder as plink.exe with these lines (change folder name, remove the space between root and @, change IP of PBX and password to suite) and schedule it to run with Windows Task Manager.

echo y | C:\PBXReboot\plink.exe -ssh -P 22 root @ipofpbx -pw pbxpassword exit
C:\PBXReboot\plink.exe -ssh -P 22 root @
ipofpbx -pw pbxpassword reboot

Much easier and quicker than having to create/modify the file through SSH: /persistent/etc/autoreboot/global.conf

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  Yeastar S-Series - Custom System Prompts
Posted by: admin - 08-07-2017, 11:53 AM - Forum: Asterisk - No Replies

Lets clear up the confusion between "Custom Prompts" and "System Prompts".

Custom Prompts are the ones you can self-record/upload and assign to IVR and Queues like Welcome Announcements and Periodic Announcements.
That's all very well and pretty clear.

System Prompts are the default Language Prompts (English, English - British, English - Australian as examples) that are globally defined and are used for things like Queue Position Announcements, Hold Time, default Voicemail and Conference Greetings and prompts etc.

Most people are comfortable using the available System Prompt Languages for their Language or Region.
However, there may be a point where neither the American, British or Australian English voices available from Yeastar may really suite you (IE: we require New Zealand English which is very different to the "other" English regions).
On top of that, you can spend hours recording Custom Prompts but callers will still complain that they don't like the American Lady's voice which suddenly pops up while they are waiting in a Queue.

So, for the time being, you have only one choice and that is to record your own System Prompts.
Be warned that it is going to be a lot of work as there are many sound files that may need to be recorded (like "one", "two", "three" etc.)
If you are intent on pursuing to modify your own System Prompts then it's pretty simply (but time consuming).

- Log on to the PBX using FTP
- Browse to the System Prompt location which is f tp://x.x.x.x/ysapps/pbxcenter/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/ (where x.x.x.x is the IP Address of your PBX)
- You will see one or more language folders (IE: en, en_AU) where the System Prompt audio files are located - these are GSM audio files
- Record you own GSM audio files (the time-consuming part) and overwrite them - you will need to adhere to the GSM requirements of the PBX.

You may only have the requirement to record new Digits and Voicemail related files if you don't use features like conferencing.

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  Run the UniFi Controller as a Service
Posted by: admin - 22-06-2017, 05:55 PM - Forum: Wireless Networking - Replies (1)

Make sure you have Java Runtime installed.
Open a command prompt (preferably with Administrative privileges).

Change to the following folder by issuing this command:
cd "%UserProfile%\Ubiquiti UniFi\lib"

To install the Controller as a Service, issue this command:
java -jar ace.jar installsvc

Once done, open Services and start the "UniFi Controller" Service.

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  LED Light Transformers / Power Supplies
Posted by: admin - 05-06-2017, 04:23 PM - Forum: General Discussions - No Replies

This is a sort of follow up on LED lighting that I posted here: http://www.computersense.co.nz/forums/sh...php?tid=60 and here http://www.computersense.co.nz/forums/sh...hp?tid=133

My entire house is fitted with LED lighting.
Most lights are downlights with a varying wattage (intensities) and the number and wattage of lights varies throughout the rooms in the house.
All of the lights use the same collective 1 watt (1W) CRE LEDs.
Example: In the dining room I have four 7W downlights, in the lounge I have four 9W downlights and in the kitchen I have four 12W downlights.

Each of the lights came with its own transformer which were installed with them.

I have had a number of transformers blow in the past and I decided that it was time to spend some money on one single and high-quality transformer per room and wire up a surge arrester to each to reduce both cost (of consumption) and time spent on replacing them.

I discovered a fundamental flaw...
To explain this I have to explain the light's requirements.
For a single 12W light using 12 x 1W CRE LEDS requires a 32 volt (32V) transformer - each individual LED requires around 2.66 volts to operate at full brightness (12 x 2.66V = 32V).
The LED's in each light are wired in series meaning that their voltage requirement is collective to the number of LEDs. IE: A 7W light needs 19 volts, a 9W light needs 24 volts and a 12W light needs 32 volts.
I have a combination of all of these and this is where the BIG issue comes in.

Only 12 volt, 24 volt and 48 volt transformers are readily available that provide sufficient amperage (grunt) to drive multiple lights of the same wattage.
For those who are "switched-on", you see where this is going don't you?

Getting a transformer from your local store for 12 volt and 24 volt is pretty damn easy.
While my 24 volt (9W lights) are easy to get the other 7W (19 volt) and 12W (32 volt) transformers are pretty much non-existent unless you purchase them individually (again one per light) from eBay (be careful to guaranteed) get CE rated ones.

I am pretty much stumped and dumbfounded over the non-existent standards of power requirements from manufactures.
Why can't ALL manufactures set the standard at 12 volts?
All it takes is a little intelligence in wiring some of the LEDs in parallel instead of series and using a resistor or two to compensate for odd numbers?
I'll answer my own question shall I? Manufacturing costs!

To solve my own problem, I have ordered a bunch of decent quality 24 volt transformers and I am busy modifying each light (parallel, series, resistance) to work in this range.
While I personally have the expertise to do this (as well as replace single LEDs in the lights when they fail) I fear that others are going to get caught out unless they do their own research and ask the right questions from their suppliers.

I am suffering from my own naïve decisions and trying to resolve my own problems - hopefully you learn from my mistake and don't have to fall into the pit that I had fallen into...

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  Yeastar S-Series Queue Logging
Posted by: admin - 12-05-2017, 03:19 PM - Forum: Asterisk - No Replies

Queue Logging is not enabled in the S-Series by default.

You can manually modify the logger.conf by creating the logger_custom.conf in the directly /ysdisk/support/customcfg 

Login to the PBX with SSH and create the custom file as follows:

cd /ysdisk/support/customcfg
vi logger_custom.conf
input the content below,
queue_log = yes
save and apply the changes (or reboot the system).

After this custom configuration, you can find the queue_log file on the directory: /ysdisk/syslog/queue_log

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  Yeastar S-Series SSH/FTP Default Password
Posted by: admin - 10-05-2017, 12:21 PM - Forum: Asterisk - No Replies

Unfortunately this is not documented in easy-to-access places nor is in the User Manual.
Both SSH and FTP default username/password is "support/iyeastar"

Remember best practice to change the password.

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